Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How I Made a New Bag!

1. Cut out two pieces of the printed fabric 45cm x 40cm and the same measurements in the cotton lining.

2. Pin at the top, the right sides together of the printed fabric and the cotton lining and sew. Sew 1.5cm from the edge of the fabric.

3. Unfold and you will now have one whole piece, do the same for the other cut out pieces of printed and cotton fabric.

4. Pin the right sides together, with the printed fabrics together and the cotton lining together,make sure the two joins also match up as well. Sew along the sides, the top (the top is the printed fabric end) and down the other side as well.

Along the bottom edge (the cotton lining end) sew 3cm from the edge of the fabric, in from both sides. Don't sew all the way across,
you must leave a 14cm gap in the middle so you can pull the bag the right side out after sewing.

5. Pull the bag right side out through the gap you left, and then push the cotton lining down into the inside of the printed section of the bag.

6. The outer printed fabric should come over the top and into the inside by about 1cm. Press to
give a sharp edge. Then make sure the lining is pushed up against the inside and is smooth and taut.

7. Turn the whole bag inside out, so you can get to the bottom of the lining. Slip stitch the cap
with white thread. Then turn back the right way out again. Now for the handles.

8. Take 110cm of Twill Tape, cut in half. Take one half and fold over one end and pin to the inside top of the bag, a little way from the side of the bag. Do the same for the other end on the same side. Sew a rectangle and then sew diagonally through the rectangle. This will give the handle strength. Do the same to the other side with the other half of the tape.

9. The finished Bag! Hopefully that was explain well, it's difficult to actually explain step by step when you just do it automatically with out really thinking. These instructions are for a 42cm x 37cm shopper bag. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks. Have been searching for easy DIY techniques on these kind of bags.