Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to Look Like a Domestic Goddess!

There are a couple of fabrics I purchased recently that I didn't quite know what to do with. The motifs on them were large and not necessarily appropriate for making into cushions or bags. They were food themed fabrics, that were quite tough wearing. So I decided to combine them with my other love, cooking. The number of times I've baked or cooked something messy and it ends up mostly on my clothes (and I always seem to be wearing white when this happens, when will I learn), inspired me to make an apron.

So I will show you how I made myself a very pretty simple apron with a handy front pocket.

1. I made up my pattern from an old apron of my mums, pinned it on my fabric and cut out.

2. Unfold the cut out piece. Now you must hem the edges. Fold the edge over 0.5cm then turn over again 1cm and pin in place. I like to make sure the edges are symmetrical, so the sides are done first. then the top and bottom of the apron. Sew.

3. When you had cut out the fabric at the beginning, there would of been two scooped out pieces where the arm holes were. Re-use these for the apron pocket by joining them together at the straight edge and then level the bottom as you don't want a pointy bottom pocket.

4. I like to use some really bright bias to edge the top of the pocket. Before that overlock or zig-zag the edge of the pocket.

5. Turn under the overlocked edge and pin the pocket to the front of the apron just below the line of where you will put the apron ties. Sew

6. Now to attach the apron ties. Take some twill tape 1" wide, measure up how much you will need to get over your head comfortably. Double turn over the ends and pin to both sides of the neckline. Sew a square with diagonals through it like we did for the bag but slightly smaller. Measure up how much twill tape you will need to tie around yourself. Double turn over the ends and sew. Cut the length in half, then double turn over the ends and pin to the waistline edge. Sew a square with diagonals again.

7. So there we have the end result. I have also used PVC to make easy clean aprons for the kids. Useful for when they are cooking or painting.


  1. Thank you also for this. Am a beginner. Such basics will help me a lot!

  2. Thank you for the comments, I'm glad it helps, I try to make the guides simple and easy to follow and include photos because it help to see things visually.