Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recycling at its Best!

One of my latest creations that is 100% (well I bought the zip so 95%) recycled is this funky little make-up bag.
Made from the same material as the purse in an earlier post, this material is an old 70's bed cover. The make-up bag is lined with a waterproof material, so it can be easily wiped cleaned, this material is an old shower curtain (very well cleaned). If you haven't got an old shower curtain hanging around, just pop down to a big supermarket's home-ware section, where you'll probably find a new shower curtain for a couple of pounds.

The appliqué on the front was made out of scraps of fabric I just have in my scrap-fabric bin at home. A good source of scrap-fabric for your own collection at home is the remnants bin at fabric stores or market stalls. Usually you can pick up a decent size piece for around 50p. All scraps come in useful for things like appliqué.

I just bought a zip for 50p and whipped up this little bag, ideal for a young teen or friend who likes to be different from the crowd.


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