Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Button

I love interesting buttons! I will buy clothes just because they might have interesting buttons on them. Maybe it’s because my favourite program as a child was Button Moon (British audiences will remember this).

I go to markets and buy handfuls of buttons, with the intent of using them in my products. But I find it hard to part with them. So if you buy something from me with a button on it you should feel very honoured. I also keep all those spare buttons you get in little bags that are on the tags of clothing you buy. I have loads of them in my sewing kit box, all bagged up and sorted into sizes.

I am thinking of making some covered buttons, as I have seen some really beautiful ones. But I think I would get too obsessed with doing it and I would drown in a sea of buttons.

Here are some photos of my favourite buttons in my own collection and on things I’ve bought

I also love these buttons from Etsy seller Howbeadful: I Love Tea Collection

They have lots of gorgeous and unique buttons for sale, so take a look at Howbeadyful today.

What is your thing, that you collect?


  1. Oh, I've been buying buttons for a while at thrift stores I find some old ones still on cards, they are piling up in drawers and glass jars. I've even cut off buttons before donating something, maybe that's bad, but I couldn't let those pretty buttons go in case they were just thrown out!

    Thank you for your awesome comment on my blog post about my beagle! I responded to your comment there, but wanted to let you know how your words made me smile. I had to stop writing about Him, there was just so much to remember over the years. One of his excellent vets told me he would probably live to be 20 years old and at the time I was a little stunned- now I only wish it had been so.

    Dexter is going to have a great life with you and your husband. When you return to the UK are you getting Dexter prepared for the trip? Coming from the US going to the UK we have the Defra regulations to follow.

    Take care and great blog!

  2. Yes Dexter will be coming with us, we made sure we got his microchip and rabies round the right way when it was time to do that, and last month he had his blood work done and he is all within the regulations, so now we're just waiting out the 6 months. Got quote from the airline as well as to how much it costs, cheaper than our ticket but still a lot!