Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where Art Thou Deco?

Next month I will be going on a road trip to Florida with my family. We will be staying in Daytona Beach to watch the Space shuttle launch. I’m looking forward to going down there but I hope that if we get to visit that state again, we get to see Miami, because of its collection of Art Deco buildings.

One of my favourite design styles is Art Deco. I love its symmetrical use of straight lines and curves with beautiful combinations of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, lacquer and woods such as walnut, rosewood, ebony and oak.

Art Deco’s bold look fused together modern and functional design with exotic materials with oozed glamour and elegance. Its streamlined style punctuated with rich materials is something I love personally in design. I love design that is simple, clean and functional but is also distinct in the colours and textures it uses. I once had the honour of owning an Art Deco wardrobe and a dresser which were a beautiful Walnut Veneer.

I have visited Paris many times over the years and I love the Montmartre area of the city which has some lovely Art Deco and also Art Nouveau (Another style I love) gems.

Here are some of my favourite Art Deco pictures. Enjoy!


images (3)

images (2)

Left: Chrysler Building, NYC

Centre and Right: Various Buildings In Miami, Fl

images (4)

images (5)

Left: Lyceum Theatre Glasgow, UK

Right: Interior of the Rex Cinema, Berkhampsted, UK

images (6)

images (7)Left: Ebonized French Art Deco vanity c1920

Right: Art deco Fashion


images (8)

Left: Art Deco Poster

Right: The entrance to the Abbesses Metro Station, Paris


  1. mmm lovely blog. You do need to visit Miami there are some whole streets to walk down where there are only Art Deco buildings on one side and the beach on the other - I love it. Hope you enjoy the shuttle launch apparently the beach there is the best place to watch from.

  2. hey! i'm going to vero beach next month! :D i totally forgot about all the art deco down there!

    good thing i'm bringing my camera. :P

  3. I love this post! Art deco is highly underrated in my opinion.

    I found you on Aquariann's Spring Blog Hop...can't wait to see future posts! :)