Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Story So Far....

Now you may wonder why there is such a big gap between posts in the blog. Last August my husband and I moved from our small home town in leafy Hertfordshire, England to up-state New York USA. Why the big move? Hubby got a job transfer. We had anticipated that we would be moving in March of 2010 but due to the economic downturn his company started making cutbacks. So the move was delayed till the dust had settled. You don't want to be walking into a new office where people have just lost colleagues due to the depression.

Us in Times Square in December

So we were stuck for 5 months living at my parents, in my sisters old bedroom (we had given up our apartment as we thought we were going in March). We used this time to get rid of more possessions. We figured that it would be cheaper to sell our furniture and buy new stuff in the US rather than ship it across. Some of the prices quoted were crazy! We only had a few items not a mansion full of things.

So after 5 months of living in a shoebox room and trying not to kill everyone around me, we finally flew mid August. This was the thing I most feared. I hate flying, I feel ill thinking about getting on a plane. Luckily I saw my doctor before I went and she kindly prescribed me Valium. My word, it did the trick. It was the quickest flight I've ever been on.

Being here in the States has been interesting. I have never been here before, so I didn't know what to expect. What I've found is how even though we both speak English, we have a totally different language.

I find myself sometimes talking to people, and realise by the perplexed look on their faces that they only understood half the conversation. I now think that when we go home i'll be saying all these American words, because I had to say them in order to be understood here. I also don't understand how we keep getting mistaken for Irish?!
Dexter our 6 month old Beagle.

We have experienced amazing weather (boiling hot summer, gorgeous autumn, and a proper snowy winter) which is now becoming laborious. I haven't seen grass since Boxing Day (26th Dec) and my face hurts from the cold every time I take the dog out to the toilet. I can't wait to see what the spring is like. By the way one of the first things I bought when we got here was a sewing machine! I need my fix of cotton and thread.

Well hopefully I can get back to writing more blog posts and step by step guides now that i'm settled... for now.


  1. Welcome! I am from Canada so I am your neighbour to the north, and I love coming to New York , we will be there again in May. Yes the summers are hot and the winters unpredictable. Hope you are making friends.
    Connie b (dressedtothe9s)

  2. Hi, thank you for the welcome, we hope to come up to Canada at some point, I believe Montreal is only a 3 hour train ride away from us!