Friday, February 18, 2011

Dexter: A Lesson in Fur.

When we talked about moving to the states one of the conditions I stated was I would like to eventually get a dog. I have loved Beagles for as long as I can remember. I look back at drawings I did as a kid and the standard dog I always drew was a Beagle. I didn’t realise at the time it was a Beagle but now I know it was.

So after being here for a month, my husband dragged me out one weekend to see a puppy for sale from a breeder. That’s when we first met Dexter. There was only him and his sister left. We had decided we wanted a boy from the beginning, so the breeder went and got him. He didn’t want to go, tried hiding in a kennel, his sister hid under their mum. So we took this puppy home worried as to why he was scared stiff of us. Most puppies I’d seen were bundles of hyperactive joy/pain in the arse.

We got him home and set him down on a mat by the sofa. That’s where he stayed all evening. At one point he got up and walked the slowest I’d ever seen a dog walk to the other side of the lounge to a corner. He sat down there facing the wall!

Over the next couple of days he remained quiet and still. I wondered if we had made a mistake, he seemed more active in the kennels with his family. One day I came down the stairs into the lounge where he was and he saw me and waggedhis tail! This was a break through. He liked me! He became happy when he saw me. He started moving about more, which in turn caused a problem because he went to the toilet anywhere. So the frustration of toilet training began and the puppy started to appear.

He got excited when he saw us, he followed us everywhere. He wanted to be with us all the time so much he would cry if we were out of his eye line. We couldn’t leave him in the house on his own because he’d cry and bark. This became very frustrating. He is now much better, we can go out for a few hours after we have done this elaborate routine of taking him for a long walk, have a relax time, put him in the crate with a peanut butter stuffed kong, leave the TV on CNN and out the door with little fuss.

Dexter has now grown into a proper mad dog. He likes Fig Rolls and peanut butter; he has furry friends who he likes to play with in the park; he barks like crazy whenever someone goes past the house; he passed puppy school with flying colours; he sleeps under the desk when I work; he likes to lick his dad’s feet before he goes to bed; he still sleeps in our room, but at least he does so on his own little bed and he sleeps through the night now.

They say that dogs mellow as they get older, I hope so, because at the moment it’s like someone has given him a can of Red Bull everyday.

In honour of our furry baby I have started making a new range of items for dogs! So far I have made little bags that hang off the handle of the lead/leash in which you can put your dog mess bags. I use to keep the bags in my coat pocket. Every time I change coats or if my hubby took him out the bags would be forgotten. Now they are always in the little bag which is on the lead where it hangs by the front door.

My Dexter bags are now available to buy in my Etsy Shop.


  1. Your dog is so cute! I actually have a post about my dog on my blog today, too! Gotta love those furry friends!


  2. Adorable puppy!

  3. My beagle mellowed a teeny tiny bit, probably only in my imagination. LOL

    I'll post about him on my blog on March 1st.

  4. Ah, I have the feeling he'll be bouncing off the walls for a long time to come! Oh well! I'm following you now New End Studio so I can hear about your Beagle and see what I've let myself in for. LOL