Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Balanced Design Diet

My other half and I were discussing styles and home design over the holiday weekend, and thankfully I found out we are both on the same page when it comes to style. We both agree that we want practical/modern design with no clutter and clean lines. But then I started flicking through a catalogue from a home furniture and design store and I could see myself living in each of the different styles due to what they all brought to the pot.

I like simple, clean, practical, modern design with minimal clutter. Design styles such as the Bauhaus or the Scandinavian spring to mind.

Marcel Breuer designed home.

An Ikea living room

But then I like that old, homely rustic look. Natural materials and warm tones used in a smaller space with interesting nooks that invokes the feeling of a den.

A country cottage kitchen

I am also interested in homes that are green and energy conscious. This may mean homes using certain types of windows and window coverings, wallpaper instead of paint, carpets or under floor heating, recycled wooden floors. The furniture within, is it recycled, antique or revamped retro?

I think in the end my personal preference comes down to having a good balance of all these styles. I think to myself about what makes a home. To me a home is your den, your space to relax and live. It is your family and your family’s personality and history. I like photos up on walls and on sides of happy times gone by. I like reminders of events and milestones. But not to the point where it just becomes clutter on sideboards and tables, which then hinders cleaning and takes up useful practical space.

I like cleanliness and practical storage solutions to help keep things tidy and protected. I hope to have children one day and I realise that keeping things clean and tidy will be a near impossible task. So the more that furniture pieces and d├ęcor can be child/pet friendly the better. I would look for durable, easy clean, safe and helpful items, such as machine washable cushions and soft furnishings, rounded and curved edges, areas that can be shut off and handy little cupboards.

I am very keen to have a green and environmentally friendly home and lifestyle. I would like to have energy-efficient systems put into place and pieces of furniture that are either made out of green sourced materials or are revamped/reused pieces with style.

I can see the use of minimal design in my home, where form follows function, but uses of fabrics and statement pieces will bring a more homely and individual feel to the spaces. Right, well now that’s sorted, better buy a house now!

What is your ideal home style?

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  1. Cool pictures! I really like the 2nd one. I agree with you about a lot of your style points. I like a mix of stainless steel beams, the contemporary warehouse look (high ceilings), with rich wood floors and shaggy area carpets. Someday :)

    Courtney xoxo