Friday, February 11, 2011

How to get some comfort in your life...

A Simple Cushion

1. Decide on what size and shape you want. I am making a 40cm x 40cm. Firstly I cut out the material. If you have a patterned fabric place your square pattern (43cm x 43cm, this includes the seam allowance) in such a way that it centres and frames a particular part of the patterned fabric. If you have a picture fabric like I’m using make sure you insert the zip at the bottom of the picture.

2. With the right sides of the fabric together pin the bottom of the fabric 3cm from the side of the square. Sew just 3cm. See picture.

3. Press the seam open. You can see in the picture the 3cm sew line coming in from each side of the square. I like to zigzag stitch the edges of the pressed opened seam or use pinking shears.

4. Insert the zip by pinning it at the one end first (the closed end), then pin down one side , pin the other end in and then down the other side.

5. Clip on your zipper foot for the sewing machine and start sewing midway down one side. Make sure the zipper pull is a quarter of the way along the zip, as you get to it as you’re sewing stop, make sure the needle is in the fabric, lift the foot up and pull the zipper pull past the foot. It can be a squeeze sometimes but just give it a wiggle. Then foot down and continue.

6. Once you get to the end, leave the needle in, foot up and turn at a 90 degree angle. Foot back down and sew across the bottom of the zip. I sew back and forth a couple of times to make it extra strong and secure. Lift foot again and turn again and sew down the other side, repeat as the other side and end.

7. Once done, keep the right sides of the fabric together and pin the edges of the square together.

8. Sew 1.5cm from the edge along all 3 three sides.

9. I like to tidy up the edges by using a zigzag stitch and cutting off any excess. You can use pinking shears if you wish.

10. You’re finished, so turn it right side out and insert a cushion pad.

The finished product! Enjoy!

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  1. I've never before this seen such simple instructions about sewing in a zipper. You have made me less afraid of conquering this dilemma. Thanks!