Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recommended Reading

I was thinking I would post some books that I recently got that i've found very inspiring. The first is the Quilting Bible.

As a Brit I wanted to learn how to make a traditional American Quilt. I found the whole book full of useful step by step guides and inspiring projects. Even if you know how to quilt having this on your bookshelf will always be useful. I always still collect how to sew books just because they are always good as reference and no matter how many years you've been sewing.

Link to the book:
Quilting Bible

My American - British Quilt being made.

My husband got me this for Christmas. Lotta Jansdotters's Simple Living. Its a wonderful book if you are a sewing beginner or if you're a lover of functional, pragmatic Scandinavian design and you want to get some inspiration. Lotta Jansdotter also has lots of other books and she has a website
I left most of my books back home, so I would welcome any suggestions for interesting books to look out for here, so as to build up my new collection.

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  1. Oh I wish I know how to sew, that would be a fantastic talent, wouldn't it?



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