Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trip Washington-Florida

We left Washington at lunchtime on the Sunday and continued on our way towards Florida aiming to get to our overnight stop just north of Raleigh NC. We immediately hit traffic and once again had to find an alternative route. The journey was pretty uneventful but due to the traffic we didn’t reach our destination till gone dark. Our host (fellow Brit) told us that the storms that past yesterday came within 5 miles of his house, and the next day once we left his place a few miles down the road we went past the damage it caused. Even further down the road in a town called Dunn we saw even more damage. I’ve not seen any real Tornado damage in real life before and we were shocked by how trees were snapped in half, steel poles bent in half, shredded bits of people’s houses and billboards, unbelievable.

The drive was long and hot. The views were mostly of trees and creeks. But we made great progress and managed to get to our hotel in Florida just before sunset. We were shattered and hungry and went straight across the road to a restaurant for a big juicy steak!

Below are some photos of the time there.



Above: Damage from the Tornado









Above: Kennedy Space Centre and Daytona Beach

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