Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Over on my Etsy Shop I will be soon listing some items that will be hugely discounted to free up more space in my studio. Phone cases, purses, and Dexter Doggy Bags will be in the mix.

Apologies for not writing of late, but we have come to the decision to move back to England at the end of the summer, so lots of decision making and planning has been going on which makes your head spin when you normally move and even more so when it's an international move!

So please visit my shop soon, as I need room to pack!

Below some items already reduced!

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  1. Wow, super cute stuff! The fabrics are so original, everything's so sweet! Hey, I would love to make a little blog feature of your Etsy shop in near future and use some pictures of your items if that's ok. I love your Etsy shop and your blog, I'm glad I ended up here from Aquariann's Summer blog hop :)